Change Your Reference Point…

Change Your Reference Point... Paul Webb Coaching

I love delving into the historical archives and pulling out stories of success… History is resplendent with people doing what was once considered impossible and in that story are lessons we can all extrapolate and use for our own, very individual, success… One of the stories I love to tell is that of Sir Roger […]

How Mass Hysteria Can Shape The World.

How Mass Hysteria Can Shape The World. Paul Webb Coaching

In 2014, Kramer, Guillory, & Hancock conducted a huge experiment using the Facebook platform… They had at their disposal 689,003 users & with the aid of an automated system, they were able to change the amount of emotional content in the news feed of the Facebook users… What they discovered is that when timelines were […]

Are You Ready To Step Into Your Greatness?

Are You Ready To Step Into Your Greatness? Paul Webb Coaching

You know, I truly believe that all your problems would evaporate the moment you step into the true greatness that is you… I know that’s a bold claim but there is a HUGE reason that I believe this to be so… When you fully embrace the REAL you, when you step into your true greatness, […]

Are You A Content Consumer, Or A Content Creator?

Are You A Content Consumer, Or A Content Creator? Paul Webb Coaching

I came across this question whilst ironically consuming content! It was a question asked by the author of ‘Mind To Matter – The Astonishing Science Of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality’, Dawson Church. Before Church’s career as a scientist he was a book publisher, and took it upon himself to look for the commonalities […]

As Picard Orders… Make It So!

As Picard Orders... Make It So! Paul Webb Coaching

Abraham Lincoln once said; “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle!” Although I’m not a fan of the current definition of hustle and grind, Lincoln’s words certainly have a huge element of truth to them… We have spoken of this a few times, and undoubtedly will […]

Adapt A White Belt Mentality.

Adapt A White Belt Mentality. Paul Webb Coaching

The martial arts are a great place to look if you want to extrapolate the lessons you learn physically, and incorporate them into other areas of your life… In fact, some of the greatest philosophy texts you will read have come straight out of the dojo… Tao of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee The […]

The Blind Men & The Elephant.

The Blind Men & The Elephant. Paul Webb Coaching

Looking at the attached picture, you can see a visual representation of the famous Indian fable where six blind men come across an elephant… The first blind man feels the the elephant’s massive side and tells his companions that clearly the elephant is like a wall… The second blind man disagrees, and as he is […]